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Baletsema Holdings

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Baletsema Holdings excels through its entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to diversifying across sectors like Mining, Energy, Finance, and Retail.

Its strategy for innovation, technological advancement, and providing superior services and products is pivotal to its goal of leading sustainable and thriving African industries forward. Baletsema's leadership aims to prioritise technological advancements, exceptional products, and customer service, understanding that the former without the latter is an incomplete recipe for Baletsema’s success.

Shaping The Future
Of Mining

Our Subsideries

Baletsema Holdings furthers its mission, vision and purpose through its subsidiaries, Baletsema Mining and Technology Services, Baletsema Investments, and Achiever’s Journey, each playing a vital role in achieving its vision. These subsidiaries employ over 250 employees.

An emerging trailblazer in the mining sector, offering a spectrum of specialised solutions and products.

Our expertise extends across technical operations, business improvement, project management, and product supply, each meticulously tailored to align with the unique requirements of our clients.

Baletsema Mining & Technology Services


Our investment subsidiary focuses on strategic investments across various sectors, aligning with the overall vision of Baletsema Holdings to create a diversified and robust business portfolio.

Baletsema Investments

Bokang Kelepa is a leader in the mining and technology services sector and a visionary speaker who brings his audiences a wealth of experience and insight. Through Achiever's Journey, he contributes significantly to thought leadership in Mining, Energy, and Technology, inspiring industry professionals and stakeholders to embrace change and innovation for a better future.

The Achiever’s Journey

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