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About Us

Our Vision

Baletsema Mining and Technology Services aims to build confidence in emerging small-scale and large mining companies, job creation and community empowerment.

Founded in 2018 and based in Secunda, Mpumalanga, Baletsema Mining and Technology Services is a trusted mining consulting company, providing a comprehensive range of technical, operational and business improvement solutions to the local mining sector.


We are 100% Black-owned and 51% woman-owned, qualifying as an accredited B-BBEE Level 1 service provider. Our team is comprised of expert Mining Engineers with diverse capabilities and over 25 years’ combined experience in underground and open cast mining operations.


We are passionate about the technological evolution of mining and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) on the South African mining sector. As a result, we are also founders of the annual 4IR in Mining Conference established and launched in 2019.

Our Mission

We are on the path to being a preferred business partner within the mining industry and beyond, capitalising on our core competencies.


We are committed to providing professional, timely, quality and cost-effective service to all our clients to build sustainable and healthy relationships

What Fuels Us?

Baletsema Mining and Technology Services conducts its business based on Respect as the corner stone of our values: 

Safety is a Priority

Integrity & Honesty

Excellent Services

 Winning through Collaboration

 Sense of Urgency

Results through Accountability.

  • Respect everyon's safety and wellbeing (Safety & Health)

  • Respect to our promises (Accountability)

  • Respect diversity backgrounds (Diversity)

  • Respect the environment (Sustainability)

  • Respect our collaborative relationships (Collaboration & Inclusiveness)

  • Respect to the changing world of mining (Innovation & Technology)


Our Services

Opencast & Underground Mining Services

  • Attaining of Prospecting Reports, Mining Rights

  • Pit Optimisation

  • Mining Operations Audits

  • Procedure Formulation and Updates

  • Project Management

Mining Support


  • Topsoil Stripping

  • Rehabilitation Services

  • Haul Roads Construction and Maintenance

  • Stockpiling Handling

  • Cladding



  • Project Management

  • Business Improvement Solutions

  • Safety and Risk Management

  • Serve as the third Party between a Client and a Contractor in the Reconciliation of Invoicing

Mining Technology


  • Introduction and implementation of mining technology

  • Mining technology conference and workshop facilitation

Our team is comprised of expert Mining Engineers with diverse capabilities and over 25 years’ combined experience in underground and open cast miningfrom managing mining operations, business improvement, technology management to project management for Stay-in-Business and Capital Projects. 

Our Team

Managing Director

Operations Director


Cambridge Office Park, Block 29, 5 Bauhinia Street, Highveld Technopark, Centurion, 0157  

 Tel: +27-11 083 6283

05 Katzenellenbogen Street,

Secunda, 2302 

Tel: +27-81 287 2022

Stand 1422,


Rustenburg, 0314  

Tel: +27-67 264 1843

21 Schonland Drive, Ferrobank,

Witbank, 1039 

Tel: +27-81 287 2022

 Email Address: info@baletsema.com

 Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm,​​ Saturday & ​Sunday: Closed

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